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    Concept Photography is a husband and wife shooting team that travels the world in search of amazing weddings and awesome clientele. It was designed through the simple idea that there should be a higher standard for creativity and performance in the wedding photography industry.

    One of our main desires is to transform the wedding scene – by picking it up, breaking the status quo, shaking it some more and putting it back in a new form.

    Please consider this as our way of introducing ourselves, as an invitation to check out our website and get a glimpse of something a little different in lifestyle photography.

    We really look forward to getting the chance to work with you and, together, rock the wedding scene!

    Wishing you luck + love,
    Jason + Sara

    P.S. - We travel EVERYWHERE!

Is there anything more beautiful than the light just after the sun rises? Yes – Karrie + Tim’s smiles when they talk about their daughter being born in just a few days! We loved getting to know these two, and have no doubt that their baby girl will be as sweet and lovely as her parents. Congratulations!!



Interview withe the adorable Sarah + Austin:
HOW DID YOU MEET? We met our sophomore year of high school. Our best man, Rick introduced us. We were friends until our senior year when we started dating. Nine years later, we got hitched!
Sarah: Austin is the kindest, funniest, most optimistic, and calming person I’ve ever met. As cheesy as it sounds, his spirit is so genuine, it’s impossible not to be attracted to it.
Austin: Sarah makes me laugh more than anyone else I’ve ever come across. Every moment I spend with her is just pure happiness. Her sense of humor and enjoyment for life is what made me first notice her.
HOW DID HE PROPOSE? We went on a cruise with my family last summer. On the last night of our trip, he finally got the chance to get my father alone and ask for his blessing. He came back to the room and dropped down on one knee right then. We were alone which made me way more comfortable but we also got to go right next door and celebrate with my family. It was perfect.
WHAT INSPIRED YOUR VISION FOR YOUR WEDDING? Honestly, we just wanted everything to be laid back and fun. I didn’t want the princess fairy tale or a day of focus all about the bride. We wanted to celebrate finally getting married with the people we loved and for them to have a great time. I’m also super receptive to lighting and color so it was very important to me that my colors were calming blues and that the lighting was romantic and subtle. I love a lot of draping and flowing fabrics, so that’s where some of the design elements came in.
TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR VENUE: When we first heard about the Farmer’s Market, we were immediately skeptical. Both of us envisioned a flea market warehouse type location. However, we figured we’d give it a shot and go look at it. When we stepped inside, people were setting up for a wedding that evening. It was perfect. The market lighting, the dark floors, the walls with brick, etc. We loved every part of it. Plus, it was so relaxed and private. We loved that it wasn’t in a banquet hall or a huge hotel. It was low key and just had the perfect feel for our “boho chic” style that we were going for.
WHAT WAS YOUR BIGGEST PLANNING CHALLENGE? The biggest challenge in planning was all the decisions!! I’d never considered what plating style or napkin color or wedding favors I would want. I know a lot of people ponder on these things from the time they’re a little girl, but I never did. I never cared about any of it until the time came and then it was so overwhelming. Also, the fact that we are both huge procrastinators doesn’t help.
WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE DESIGN ELEMENT OF YOUR WEDDING? My favorite design element was probably the different shades of blues that we incorporated into everything. I loved my bridesmaids dress colors and that we used one color with multiple shades. The cake, the flowers, everything was designed around that focus and I thought everything turned out great. I thought the colors went so well together. Also, I loved my blue bom orchids. I’d never heard of that flower before I met with my amazing florist and I immediately just fell in love with them.
DID YOU HAVE ANY DIY DETAILS? Our Mr. & Mrs. sign was probably my favorite DIY part. Austin worked on that for months, trying to hard to make it perfect. It turned out so cool. I had picked quotes from some of our favorite movies: Braveheart, Lord of the Rings, Sense and Sensibility and my sister printed them in on beautiful signs around the room. My mom painted frames, the birds, and our letters that hung behind us. The art teacher at her school made our table numbers as a gift to us. I also loved that our pictures on our tables were designed to correspond to each year we’d known each other. Our unity braid board was something that Austin created the night before the rehearsal dinner and although it felt rushed, it turned out pretty great too.
WHAT WAS THE MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT OF YOUR WEDDING DAY? Our first look. Definitely the best choice for us. Since then, we’ve both talked about being so stressed and uncomfortable the whole morning and afternoon before that moment. Once we were together though, it was as if the pressures and nervous energy immediately faded away. We were just going to get married. No big deal. After that, the day was an absolute blast.
DESCRIBE YOUR CAKE: Our cake was really due in large part to our wonderful designer, Mercedes from the Cake Studio. She was so sweet in working with us at the tasting and helping us design something that really flowed with our day. I had already decided on the ombre effect with my bridesmaid dresses and showed her a couple of ombre style cakes that I had considered. She completely ran with it! She suggested bringing our flowers into it and even lent us the cake stand free of charge, just to help us out. The flavoring was Amaretto Indulgence with alternating strawberry and raspberry filing. Our frosting was buttercream.
HOW WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER? Honestly, where do I begin? You guys were one of our favorite parts. You gave us the right amount of direction so we knew what to do but without being pushy or annoyed with people that seriously have no idea what they’re doing. Our guests all absolutely adored you and were just floored by how wonderful you were.
I had fallen in love with the work years prior and everyone I knew thought I was a crazy person for being so dead set on a photographer. There was nobody else that I would even consider. After seeing our engagement photos and even just the few pictures that you put up at the wedding, I cannot tell you how many people have said that I was completely right. You have an amazing eye for capturing authentic moments in life. Looking at your pictures is like actually reliving an experience and that isn’t something that just anyone can do. During both of our shoots, we felt so comfortable and at ease with you guys. I relate so much to people’s energy and you both have such an amazingly calm, confident one. We really can’t say enough amazing things about you and we just really hope that you don’t mind hanging out with us too much because we truly can’t imagine anyone else capturing anniversary, baby and family pictures. So definitely expect to hear from us.;)
WHAT’S NEXT FOR YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND AS A COUPLE? It seems that our five year plan is forever and continuously evolving. For now, we are looking to buy a house somewhere in the area and get a ton of traveling in. Kids are a while off and we want to enjoy every minute of our alone time together before that happens. Austin starts nursing school in the spring and I have my Ph.D program all picked out and ready to go so we figure all that, working at the hospital, teaching first grade and two dogs are enough to keep us busy for a while.
Caterer, Linens and Bar: Cocktails Catering
Cake: The Cake Studio
DJ and Lighting: Power Entertainment
Florist: Atmospheres Floral
Planner: Michele Butler Events
Venue: Winter Park Farmer’s Market



We do not often get to combine and engagement shoot and a family shoot – such fun! Jenn + Scott and so adorably into one another, and we are so looking forward to spending more time with them when they tie the knot at Bella Collina next month.



My wonderful friend Amalie Orrange and I just returned from Paris yesterday. To say our trip was magical is an understatement. For those of you who knew we were going, and expected periodic cell phone pics and Facebook posts, I hope this collection of favorite memories makes up for for my lacking. If you are curious where an image was taken (or the story behind it), let me know. I don’t think I will ever tire reliving each moment. #Pariscapades



Interview with our gorgeous bride, Erika:
HOW DID YOU MEET? We met in gym class the summer entering high school. My knee gave out and Jared helped me to the nurse.
WHAT ATTRACTED YOU THE MOST TO YOUR HUSBAND? The way he held me and made me feel that everything would be alright even when I felt like the world was crashing down on me.
HOW DID HE PROPOSE? He took me to Bok Tower Gardens where he surprised me with a custom quilt that had a picture of us as well as a table filled with flowers, sparkling cider, cheese, and chocolate.
WHAT INSPIRED YOUR VISION FOR YOUR WEDDING? My favorite color is purple and I wanted something that would bring classic elegance to a modern day wedding.
TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR VENUE: I searched numerous venues trying to find the perfect one. I came across the Ballroom at Church Street and loved it since it looked like it was pulled from a more distant era, but was also located very close to where the ceremony was being held.
WHAT WAS YOUR BIGGEST PLANNING CHALLENGE? The biggest challenge was having so many ideas in my head and deciding which ideas would go together and how exactly to bring them to life.
WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE DESIGN ELEMENT OF YOUR WEDDING? The centerpieces at each of the tables truly made me the most excited.
WHAT WAS THE MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT OF YOUR WEDDING DAY? Being able to speak from my heart and tell my husband how much he meant to me as I said my vows. Also, hearing all that he had to say in return.
DESCRIBE YOUR CAKE: It was a beautiful five-tiered white wedding cake with plenty of sparkle and scroll-work.
HOW WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER? I could not ask for a more amazing couple! They made the experience so memorable as they took photos of all kinds of angles, poses, backgrounds, and people.
WHAT’S NEXT FOR YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND AS A COUPLE? Beginning life as newlyweds as well as extremely promising careers in the medical industry. Plus, looking for a place to settle down and call home and possibly even getting a puppy!
Anna Cakes – Wedding Cake
The D-Tales – Wedding Planner
Al Dee Productions – DJ/MC, Lighting
Puff ‘n Stuff – Catering
Nikun Events – Floral
Standing Ovation Entertainment – Photo Booth
Classic Catering Design – Ice Sculptor
Beyond Videography – Videographer
Concept Photography – Photographers
The Invitation Lounge – Stationary
Orlando Party Rentals – Chairs, Dance Floor, Charger Plates



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